ISSC Executive Board Action to Address COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak remains a fluid and dynamic situation impacting FDA, states, territorial, tribal and foreign partners, our families and the general public.  We are dealing with a global pandemic and federal and state regulatory authorities are unable to conduct business as usual. To protect public health, we must continue to work collaboratively with all of our NSSP partners as the COVID-19 outbreak continues. We will remain flexible in our cooperative efforts to ensure safe harvest, processing and shipment of molluscan shellfish products.

Many federal and state agencies are implementing travel restrictions, work-from-home requirements and potentially redirecting their staff from routine work to COVID-19 response. It is recognized that it will be extremely difficult for states and federal agencies responsible for implementing the NSSP to meet the minimum requirements of the program.  To accommodate this situation, the ISSC Executive Board has taken interim actions to address implementation of the NSSP. Please review the attached NSSP Interim Guidance for Federal and State Agencies affected by COVID-19.  Included in the guidance is a template for states to submit COVID-19 Impact Reports to FDA. 

Strategies for COVID-19
Template for State Report

Posted by Cathy Mantooth Thursday, September 23, 2021 4:36:00 PM

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