Post-Harvest Processors

The ISSC has developed criteria for approved Post Harvest Processing (PHP) to reduce pathogens in shellfish.  Several dealers are presently using PHP.  These firms are allowed to use safety claims on their product. 

The requirements for PHP can be found in Chapter XVI of the 2015 NSSP Guide for the Control of Molluscan Shellfish.

The Validation/Verification procedures are included in a Guidance Document.

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Approved Firms for PHP


Food Technology Service, Inc. V.v. Irradiation
Leavin’s Seafood V.v. IQF/Frozen Storage
Southeastern Seaproducts V.v. IQF/Frozen Storage
Tommy Wards Seafood V.v. IQF/Frozen Storage
Webb’s Seafood, Inc. V.v. & V.p.

Heat Shock w/ IQF Frozen Storage



AmeriPure V.v. Low Temp Pasteurization
AmeriPure V.p. Low Temp Pasteurization
Joey’s Seafood V.v. HHP
Motivatit Seafood V.v. HHP



Crystal Sea's Seafood V.v. IQF/Frozen Storage
Crystal Sea's Seafood V.v. & V.p. IQF/Frozen Storage
Gateway America V.v. & V.p. Irradiation
Gulf Coast Restaurant Group    V.v. & V.p. Irradiation



Hillman Shrimp & Oyster V.v. IQF/Frozen Storage
Jeri’s Seafood V.v. IQF/Frozen Storage
Prestige V.v. HHP



Bevan’s Oyster V.v. IQF/Frozen Storage
Cowart Seafood Corp. V.v. IQF/Frozen Storage



Nesbitt Oyster V.p. HHP
Taylor Shellfish Co., Inc.   IQF/Frozen Storage


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